Poetry by Lois

Here are a few poems by Lois, some of which are in her book.


the sands upon the seashore

whisper of distant lands

they are spoken of in folklore

and slip through tiny hands

they seem to have such majesty

piled up high in dunes

they sing to me of mystery

in a lovely silent tune


on natures carpet

I walk today

through the quiet woods

I wend my way

to a peaceful glen

and a sparkling brook

o're all this beauty

I humbly look

love of nature

fills my heart

I am thankful God

for natures art


some people dread the dandelion

in their nice green lawn

but a little child sees beauty

and picks it for his mom

with loving hands she reaches out

to accept from him this treasure

such a gift of love and beauty

does not have a measure

when ere I see a dandelion

as through life I go

I'll think of love and a little child

and wish that it may grow


as the dawn approaches

and lifts the veil from day

there is such grandeur promised

that mere words could not relay

the beauty in that breath of time

that so quickly fades from view

the stage is set for day now

the scene is yet to do


I sing a song of gladness

for living in this land

the beauty that surrounds me

is as a heavenly band

the music that it plays to me

speaks of love immortal

and tells of joy awaiting

beyond another portal


there are such things as garbage cans

that take a little time

but they need not be a drudgery

as we put them in a line

they give a reason for me today

to early go outside

and welcome radiant morning

and my eyes to open wide

to enjoy the quiet freshness

of this new dawned day

yes even the lowly garbage can

gives joy in its own way