Robert Brackman Remembered book cover

Robert Brackman Remembered

by Lois H. Constantine

Lois Constantine and Robert Brackman had a long and close friendship. Since his death in 1980, Lois has carried on his tradition through her own teaching, but she also wanted to create a written record of his life and art, and to give a feeling for the man himself.

In Robert Brackman Remembered, Lois describes Brackman's childhood in revolutionary Russia, his emigration to the US, the early years in New York City, and his rise as a major American artist. Based almost entirely on information from conversations with Brackman himself, Lois provides insight about the man, his views on art, and his singular personality.

Excerpts from Robert Brackman Remembered

"Brackman spent his early childhood in Odessa, a seaport town on the Black Sea. He remembered being awakened by the sound of horse hooves on the cobblestone courtyard as early morning deliveries were made behind his house. This sound would be forever embedded in the memory of the young boy as he lay seriously ill of an undiagnosed illness, which caused his head to be severely swollen."

"He believed that the tradition of painting required an integral awareness—a deep knowledge and understanding of its historical trends and movements—if for nothing more than to be able to depart from it intelligently."

From a letter from Dr. Jay W. Constantine to Lois H. Constantine
"Now, Brackman is no more, but he is everlasting."

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